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Three bags of Newberry Pecans. The left is a bag of pecan pieces, the center is Large Mammoth Pecan halves, and the right is Large Pecan Halves.

A Newberry Pecan is so much more than just a pecan… it’s a pecan with personality. Classy and cool; a wholesome health nut full of Southern charm. No matter your personality, Newberry Pecans guarantee you’ll have exquisite taste!

What's Your Pecan Personality?

Newberry Pecans are fresher than a hot shower after a good night’s sleep. Processed locally in Ardmore, Alabama, they’re the ultimate in orchard-to-table cuisine. Be sure to stock up or you may find yourself fresh out!
Nothing’s cooler than a Newberry Pecan, especially if it’s been chillin’ in your fridge, staying crisp and crunchy. Rubbery pecans from the big box stores just won’t do. Everyone’s a member of the cool crowd with a bag of Newberry Pecans!
No matter where you eat ‘em, Newberry Pecans provide a taste of Southern hospitality. The Official State Nut of Alabama, Newberry Pecans are a delicious snack for both the style- and health conscious. You’ll love ‘em with all your heart… literally!
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